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GaYA is the Web Partner of all businesses that intend developing, powering or increasing their Internet-based business. All GaYA clients (both SMEs and big firms) can rely on an expert multilingual team capable of addressing any business need on the web, ranging from the easiest to pioneering technologies

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Site promotion and search engine optimisation

The promotion of your website is paramount to the success of your Internet business. As for any "traditional" business, one should not forget that - even when you have the best premises and you offer useful services or wonderful product at competitive prices - if your premises are not located in an area that is readily accessible by prospect clients, if it is lacking wide accessways and highly visible signs, you will never be able to attract visitors and make your offer known to them. For this reasons, any business investing on the Internet need to devise carefully designed Web Marketing strategies. There are different tools and methods for increasing the number of unique visitors to a site. Turning to an Internet professional will help you to avoid dilapidating considerable time, energy and resources without riping the desired benefits in an evident and measurable manner.

GaYA offers its consolidated expertise by defining and implementing your promotion strategy, and by supporting you in the choice of the Web Marketing campaign that best suits your needs, with a view to maximizing your Return On Investment. Available tools are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being visible and highly ranked on first pages of the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo e MSN translates into a sure-fire success. GaYA recommends this tool to all businesses that market products or services that already enjoy market demand: in this case, optimization is indeed the most effective Web marketing strategy. In the first pages of search engines is also required for businesses operating in highly competitive markets. [Learn more about GaYA's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) offer]

Keyword Advertising and Pay per Click

Pay per Click campaigns allow your ads to be published in a privileged position in Search engine pages every time a websurfer types in a number of selected words associated with your ad. Costs are directly linked to the number of clicks generated by the ad. This marketing strategy is a guarantee of qualified accesses toward your site: the target here are those web surfers that are searching for the same industry as your business. Search Engines propose a tantalizing number of Pay per Click schemes: GaYA uses its own experience to carefully plan your campaign, with special attention being paid to the targeting of the most appropriate portals where your ad is to be published and to keyword selection.

Banner Advertising campaigns

Banners are ads with varying forms and dimensions that are hosted in a web page of a previously identified site or portal, where your advertising message is displayed in text and/or graphics form. By clicking on the banner the user will directly access your site. GaYA recommends this type of campaign to businesses that need to promote or consolidate their brand on the web or that intend offering and presenting new or niche products, thereby making them known by means of high-impact messages or graphics. GaYA will help by identifying sites and portals where the Banners are to be hosted, by asking its highly skilled graphics team to actually design the Banner, and by defining a strong, clear and effective message.

Newsletters and E-mail Marketing

E-mail is a highly effective and comprehensive means of communication, allowing the sender to indulge in lengthy explanations, e.g. on the quality or the innovation side of its services. E-mail is the most popular tool on the web: GaYA therefore recommends it for massive advertising campaigns, aimed at a very wide audience. Needless to say, the recipient should be an interested party, otherwise our message will most certainly be dumped: GaYA is the owner of highly profiled archives, made up of e-mail addresses of websurfers who explicitly stated their willingness to receive information on matters that appeal to them. GaYA will thus identify the target of readers that are potentially more interested in the services offered by your site and will work to implement both the graphics and the textual message of your e-mail.

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