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GaYA is the Web Partner of all businesses that intend developing, powering or increasing their Internet-based business. All GaYA clients (both SMEs and big firms) can rely on an expert multilingual team capable of addressing any business need on the web, ranging from the easiest to pioneering technologies

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GaYA-Commerce: e-commerce solutions

GaYA is your Web Partner for devising e-commerce solutions. In detail, this translates into:

Engineering of e-commerce sites

GaYA designs and develops e-commerce sites and platforms that are wholly customized and tailored to the individual selling needs of its clients. From Business to Business (B2B) to Business to Consumer (B2C), whatever your business target may be, from your first steps into e-commerce to the most complex and advanced requirements in terms of turnover and clients, GayA owns the expertise and the technology needed for turning your store's requirements into reality.

E-commerce site promotion, optimisation and Web Marketing

All marketing strategies are based on thorough analysis and assessment. For example, one should take into account the fact that even if your premises are wonderful and sell fantastic products at a competitive price, no-one will hardly ever cross your store's door if this should be narrow, or if the way is not well marked or if you are lacking adequate signs. Or that two identical stores, one in downtown London and the other lost somewhere north of Suffolk, will have different sales and different returns. And again, that the overall success of two broadly similar products will be decided by the better advertising campaign, independently of any associated cost. E-commerce is in no way different from the traditional commercial arena. For this reason GaYA focuses not only on the engineering of your e-Commerce site but also on its promotion and optimisation with search engines, by leveraging on its consolidated expertise and by devising a Web Marketing strategy together with the client.

Consulting for starting out, working and developing in eCommerce

How is my business to enter eCommerce and exploit all of its potential? GaYA offers its consolidated expertise by providing an all-round consulting on Electronic Commerce matters. From red tape to shipments to improving your on-line store's efficiency:
  • Starting out in E-Commerce;
  • Tangible results in terms of sales;
  • Structuring your sales staff for supporting eCommerce;
  • Paperwork and red tape;
  • eCommerce transactions and payments;
  • Promoting and making your e-Commerce site visible;
  • Diversifying your product range;
  • Interfacing your eCommerce site and stocks;
  • Handling shipments;
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools;
  • Tools for developing eCommerce Marketing and Commercial Strategies in eCommerce

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