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GaYA is the Web Partner of all businesses that intend developing, powering or increasing their Internet-based business. All GaYA clients (both SMEs and big firms) can rely on an expert multilingual team capable of addressing any business need on the web, ranging from the easiest to pioneering technologies

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GaYA GaYA - Soluzioni per Hotel - E-commerce GaYA - Solutions for hotels, B&Bs and accommodating facilities

TOURISM: Solutions for Hotels, B&Bs, Apartments and Accommodating Facilities

GaYA is a leading force in the engineering and positioning of hotel sites and on-line booking systems.
Are you the manager of a hotel or an accommodating facility? What you need is "Make them find your hotel and book it before all others!". Today being on the Web is a primary tool for any accommodating facility wishing to be competitive. Read on - sites for Hotels

E-Commerce Solutions

GaYA is the Web partner for devising E-commerce solutions, for developing, promoting and positioning E-Commerce sites and for Web Marketing. E-Commerce as a system, from red tape to dispatching.
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Website Promotion and Search Engine Optimization

Different ways for making your site visible. GaYA increases the number visits to your site by using the most advanced tools and technologies for Web marketing and SEO in the first lines of Search Engines result Ppage. Read on - Website Promotion and SEO

Web Design and Engineering

GaYA designs, engineers and creates the look of your website.
From defining communication strategies to developing sites and portals, by combining the most advanced technologies and high-quality web graphics..
Read on Web site design

Business Software and Applications

Web based software and applications designed for all business requirements. GaYA analyzes the needs of your business and engineers applications and solutions that are slim, flexible and entirely tailored to your company's requirements.
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